Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, father of modern India and Chief Architect of the Indian constitution, is often compared to Abraham Lincoln. Though he graduated from Columbia University, he came from an underprivileged community. He eventually became the first law minister of India after its independence and worked tirelessly to create constitutional rights for India's marginalized. Dr. Ambedkar fought for civil rights and struggled against caste and untouchability, making the new India possible. Bodhisattva was not only the father of India's constitution, but also the liberator of all oppressed people

Ambedkar was the first Indian to pursue a doctorate in economics abroad. He argued that industrialisation and agricultural growth could enhance the Indian economy.He stressed investment in agriculture as the primary industry of India. Ambedkar’s vision helped the government to achieve its food security goal. Ambedkar advocated national economic and social development, stressing education, public hygiene, community health, residential facilities as the basic amenities

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), was based on the ideas that Ambedkar presented to the Hilton Young Commission.

Ambedkar argued for extensive economic and social rights for women, and won the Assembly's support for introducing a system of reservations of jobs in the civil services, schools and colleges for members of scheduled castes  and   scheduled tribes and Other Backward Class, a system akin to affirmative action

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